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The 7th International Seminar Was Successfully Held at Pukyong National University on October 17th - 20th.


The 7th international seminar of Port-city Universities League (PUL) was held on October 17th - 20th at Pukyong National University, Korea, under the theme of "Green Port, Sustainable City: Green Technologies, Transportation and Other Issues of Port."
PUL has held the first general meetings in Yokohama, Japan in 2006, initiated by Yokohama National University, as a unique international league of universities located in the worlds' preeminent port cities. After that, it has held the international meetings in Chennai, India (the second), in Lisbon, Portugal (the third), in Yokohama again (the fourth), in Shanghai, China (the fifth), and in Southampton, England before Busan.
On the first and second day of the seminar, over 100 researchers from 8 institutes of universities, enterprises, and local governments had presentations from the representatives on subject of ship building, ocean and harbour from perspectives of engineering, policymaking, and laws as wel as ecology, along with several open-talk sessions, to have discussions eagerly. On Oct.19th and 20th, people visited Port of Busan (New Port & North Port), and made an eco-tour of the city.
The next annual meeting will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, in October of 2014. It will be hosted by Istanbul Technical University.
    The 7th Meeting of PUL Record of Discussions

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Meeting Call   Busan Eco-tour
The Meeting Call
by YNU Vice-president Yamada
  Eco-tour in Busan
Commemorative of the Meeting
Commemorative Photo of the Meeting
(Taken by Pukyong National University)
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