Port-city Universities League


過去のセミナー報告(第1回国際セミナー、 横浜)

Welcome to the Port-city University League,
Akira Nagashima, Professor
Chairman of the 1st PUL Meeting
Executive Director
Yokohama National University
The Port-city University League (PUL) was established in 2006 to form collaboration
 of excellence and innovation with a view toward creating a good research and education base for the participating institutions as well as to outreach activities toward local communities.

   Advocated by Yokohama National University, seven universities from six major port cities around the world participated the 1st meeting of PUL in Yokohama in 2006. Members of PUL are advanced academic institutions located in or near port city.

   PUL looks to contemplate inclusively about the culture related to port (trade, industry, oceanic research, history, folklore and festivals, etc.), and encourages academic exchange which includes students, faculties, and, in the future envisions the citizens’ activities and initiatives under the consortium.

   Through this network, we expect PUL to be a base of new types of international cooperation and also to be a root to support various projects of academic as well as cultural activities among member universities and port-cities.

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