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過去のセミナー報告(第1回国際セミナー、 横浜)

Remarks from President Bruce Stronach of Yokohama City University

Bruce Stronach
President, Yokohama City University

 I am glad to have the chance to address you in English. Actually, the usual situation is reversed today as President Iida usually gets to listen to my bad Japanese; today I get to listen to his very good English. It's a great pleasure.

  When I moved to Yokohama two years ago it took me six weeks to find an apartment I liked because I wanted one overlooking Tokyo bay. There is something special about port cities; they are romantic, they are hubs of transportation and industry, and they are centers of recreation. From my verandah I can watch the commerce of the world go by and watch yachts racing.

  Port cities feature specific industries such as tourism, aquaculture, and transportation and also face specific problems such as rising sea level as a consequence of global warming or the latest terrorist threats to port security. However, what really makes port cities unique is that they are on the edge. They represent the cultural, commercial, and political receptors of our respective countries. I believe that port cities are often more cosmopolitan than cities of the interior because they are populated by peoples from many different cultures. As a Bostonian I am reminded of the Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, to name but a few, who immigrated to the United States through the Port of Boston as an arrival point to go somewhere else in United States but they never did go anywhere else and stayed on to build their communities. That's why Boston is a cosmopolitan city and I believe that applies to all port cities.

  Yokohama was one of the first treaty ports in Japan, was built in part by foreigners, and it retains that character today. The fact that Yokohama City University was the first public university in Japan to select a foreigner as its president is an indication of the continuing international character of Yokohama developed from its roots as a port city.

  The mission of the City of Yokohama and Yokohama City University is to combine regional and international perspectives. As far as PUL is concerned, that means bringing together the resources of various universities around the world with their simultaneously similar problems and different approaches and ways of thinking. If port cities are on the leading edge, then their universities must be even more so. It behooves us to work together to solve our problems through research, education and advising our cities for the good of the whole.

  In this increasing complex world there are increasing complex problems such as port security, the need for new transportation technologies due to pollution and oil depletion, global warming, rising sea levels, etc. It is only through collaborative efforts that we can solve these problems. Therefore, let me issue a plea. Please don't make this just another international forum. Let us focus on producing results. Let us focus on translating our discussions to creating solutions and using those solutions to produce results.

  So, in ending, I would like to welcome you all to Yokohama and I look forward to good results over the last three days.

Thank you.

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