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Yokohama Declaration (November 8th, 2006)

The delegates from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Sao Paulo, University of Southampton, Yokohama City University and Yokohama National University,

Noting that our institutions are located in or near major port cities of the world,

Recognizing that the world's port cities share common interests and challenges regarding communication, trade, border control, industrial development, ocean and coastal management and environmental protection, while enjoying their own unique history, tradition and culture,

Determined to build upon the academic excellence of each participating institution for further international cooperation,

Declare as follows:

1. A Port-city University League (hereinafter referred to as the "League") is hereby established.

2. The purpose of the League is to foster collaboration, excellence and innovation with a view toward creating a global research and education base for the participating institutions as well as enhancing outreach activities toward local communities.

3. The delegates from the participating institutions of the League will meet regularly at a conference hosted by a participating institution.

4. New membership in the League is open to any advanced academic institution located in or near a port city, subject to approval by consensus of the participating institutions.

DONE at Yokohama this eighth day of November two thousand and six.

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