Port-city Universities League


Greeting from the President of Yokohama National University

Kunio Suzuki, Ph.D
On the holding of the fourth seminar of Port-city University League, I would like to extend my cordial greetings to all of you as the president of the host university.

There are historical and cultural port-cities across the world. And in each of them, there are characteristic and prominent universities. These universities have developed along with port-cities, which have been the centers of history, economic activities such as trade and industry, and cultural exchange among different ethnic groups. The bond between university and port-city has been very strong.
Today, port-cities of the world are in need of establishing new roles in the difficult global economic situation, facing various issues of environment, trade, and tourism.
I hope that we, the members of Port-city University League, can contribute to vitalizing the port-cities and to forming local culture of next generation by strengthening the bonds between port-cities and their citizens and among port-cities of the world through its activities.

As you may know, the first seminar of Port-city University League was held in Yokohama in 2006, the second in Chennai, India in 2007, and the third in Lisbon, Portugal in 2008. These three seminars attracted participants’ interests by the discussions made on various issues relating port, including maritime education, port researches and port management. Meanwhile PUL members have been making positive suggestions for their future collaborations and cooperation.
Today and yesterday, Yokohama National University, together with Yokohama City University is hosting the fourth seminar in Yokohama to commemorate the 150th anniversary of its port opening. A total of 10 universities from 9 countries participate to the seminar, which are China, Korea, Vietnam, Great Britain, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil and Japan. Lectures on various topics, covering history and cultural exchange of port and port-cities, as well as port management and marine research are to be given.
It is my honor to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Yokohama’s port opening with you like this and I hope that this seminar will be a good opportunity for exchange and communication between researchers and citizens. I believe that this matches the theme of PUL, which is to foster communication with local citizens.
There will also be round-table meetings before and after this seminar among PUL members. I hope we can discuss on how to further promote the activities of the league as an international academic consortium.

In closing, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the City of Yokohama, 150th Anniversary of the Port Opening & Creative City Headquarters, Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau and every citizen for their support and understanding for this seminar. I strongly hope that this International Symposium to be a good opportunity for enhancing your interests towards port and the sea, and encourage various activities and cooperation to be made beyond nation and local.


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