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The 11th international seminar of Port-city Universities League (PUL) was held in Incheon National University, Korea from September 18 to 20, 2017

PUL2017 Photo
Commemorative Photo of PUL 2017

 The 11th Meeting of the Port-city Universities League (PUL) “Sustainable Port Developments and Roles of Port Cities” was held by Incheon National University, Korea (Organizer: Prof. Gyewoon Choi, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering), Incheon Metropolitan City, and Incheon Port Authority from September 18 to 20, 2017
 On September 18th and 19th, there were presentations by several members of PUL and some participants from other universities and institutions who were invited by Incheon National University.

 On September 18th, prior to the opening, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor Michael Porter from Harvard Business School gave a keynote lecture. After the opening ceremony, keynote speeches were given, and 6 sessions “Session 1: Marine / Port Tourism Development”, “Session 2: Port & Logistics”, “ Session 3: The Port and Sea of Incheon”, “Session 4: Green Port City Planning and Offshore Engineering”, “Session 5: Marine Pollution, Human & Ecosystem Health, and Blue Carbon Recycling in Port Cities”, “Session 6: The Future Vision of Port City Incheon” was held.

The venue
The venue
At the sessions
At the sessions
Souvenir exchanges
Souvenir exchanges

 In the morning of September 19th, 3 sessions “Session 7: Green Port and Environment”, “Session 8: Smart IT Applications and Its Trend”, “Session 9: DEEPS (Deep-sea Resource Exploration and Environment Protection Study)” was held. In each session, the audience asked many questions and lively discussed about the introduced topics.
 In the afternoon of the same day, there was a report about new actions to create new research collaboration starting with the Research Roadmap suggested by the University of Southampton.
 On September 20th, Incheon Port Authority showed around the port of Incheon by LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) - fuelled vessel “Eco-Nuri”.

In front of “Eco-Nuri”
In front of “Eco-Nuri”

 In this seminar, we found out that new research collaborations are active and successful, and it is expected that this will facilitate further cooperation with members of PUL. The place of the 12th meeting will be announced on the PUL website as soon as it is decided.

  11th PUL Record of Discussion  11th PUL Record of Discussion


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